CONSTRUCT is where collaboration and creative fabrication meet.

From custom woodworking to digital fabrication, we specialize in interiors, furniture, and everything in between. We excel at creating interactive relationships with our clients that foster the evolution of design concepts and streamline the process of turning those concepts into distinctive products.

Construct is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city’s whose culture and creativity — the music, architecture, and art — inspire our work. No one is doing fabrication the way we are, and this city makes our creativity flourish.

Our ideas and talents serve a variety of industries and groups — the film industry, architects, product designers, contractors, landscape architects, artists, production designers, furniture makers — in New Orleans and much further afield. With every client, our desire is to bridge the gap between designer and maker by helping clients make the leap to fabrication and then providing the fabricated product. Many great design concepts have never been brought to fruition because of communication failures. In response, we offer a collaborative process that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

We use a VARIETY of fabrication methods including CNC, but what’s CNC? A CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine is a computerized router that reads digital files and then translates them into precise 2D and 3D cuts into a variety of materials.

Our CNC machine is special because it utilizes a variety of shaped cutting tools and multiple axes to achieve precise 2D (what several companies are doing) AND intricate 3D carving (very few companies are doing). Simply put, we’re using this equipment in ways others aren’t.

We work with a variety of software programs, including CAD (AUTOCAD, Revit, etc.), Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Rhino, Grasshopper, and SketchUp. Because we are skilled in so many different programs, we often use the same software our clients do, so when clients come to us ready with digital files, we can ease the transition from program to program and jump quickly into production.

Our process always starts with a conversation. In this initial consultation, we determine how much information the client has, how far along their project is, and how much input they would like from us. From there, we determine the necessary shop drawings or digital files, and then we discuss how we think the process of producing the final product should be carried out. Once the client agrees to our quote, we begin finalizing our approach and preparing the project for CNC cutting or general fabrication in our shop.